3 Gorgeous Renovations That Add Value To Your Home

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Warm weather is on the horizon—how will you celebrate? With the joy and beauty of spring comes the perfect opportunity to freshen up your home. Now that you can throw open the windows or step outside without freezing, you can dedicate a few of your longer days to those home projects that have been on your to-do list for a while. What better way is there to start than with a few gorgeous renovations that add value to your home? Take spring cleaning a step further this year by checking out these projects that add beauty, functionality, and market value.

Add an Outdoor Space

Any project that increases the space of your home adds resale value, but a deck is one of the most fun ways to do it—especially with spring and summer on the way. Building a wood deck is one of the least expensive and most gorgeous renovations that add value to your home. An experienced DIY enthusiast can do it themselves, but you can also hire contractors to ensure the job goes smoothly. If you don’t have the time or space for a full deck, consider sprucing up your existing space with flowers, rock paths, and cozy outdoor lighting. In addition to adding value to your property, these projects will make your outdoor space more comfortable for you and any guests you host this summer.

Replace Carpet With Wood

When it comes to flooring, hardwood is a surefire way to add value to your home. Compared to carpet, hardwood floors are more durable, require less maintenance, and retain their beauty for longer. While some rooms might work better with cozy luxury carpet, other areas of the home benefit from gleaming, elegant hardwood—especially if the carpet is starting to get old. Turn a critical eye to the flooring of your home to see how beneficial ripping up the carpet and replacing it with hardwood floors would be.

Think Universal Design

Universal design elements are gaining popularity among older demographics, but they should be on everyone’s minds for home renovations. Universal design focuses on accessibility and creating homes for people of all ages and physical abilities. This includes incorporating wheelchair mobility and safety features into your home. Universal design is a great idea for homeowners who want to age in place, and it also opens up your home for any future guest or potential buyer, making it far more appealing on the market.

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