3 Reasons To Get an Inflatable Paddle Board

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3 Reasons To Get an Inflatable Paddle Board

Stand up paddle boarding exercises your abdominal muscles, promotes lean muscle growth, and improves your balance. It’s a fun sport that gets you on the water and in the open air.

A hard paddle board is high-performance equipment, but if you don’t have an inflatable paddle board, you’re missing out on its unique benefits. Learn three reasons to get an inflatable paddle board.


One of the biggest benefits of an inflatable paddle board over a hard board is durability. When a hard board hits a sharp object in or out of the water, it has a higher risk of getting scratched or battered. This makes inflatable boards especially appealing on rivers.

While you should avoid jagged objects with an inflatable board, its rugged material means it isn’t as vulnerable to serious damage as a hard board. If your inflatable board sustains damage, you can usually make easy repairs using the repair kit.


Another reason to get an inflatable paddle board is it’s portability. It’s lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around. This convenience means you’re likely to use your board frequently. If you struggle with your hard board at the paddle board site, changing it out for an inflatable board enables you to get around more easily.

Just because an inflatable is lightweight doesn’t mean it can’t be stable. One of the most common mistakes people make when buying an inflatable paddle board is not considering its dimensions. Choose a board with the right length, width, and thickness so that the board has adequate volume and surface area to keep you stable on the water.

Easy To Store

Finally, inflatable paddle boards are easy to store. If you don’t want your board to take up a lot of space in your home, an inflatable board is easy to fold up and put away in your closet.

Simple storage also means it’s easier for you to travel with your paddle board. Deflate your board, fold it up, and carry it in your car, or even on a plane! This means you can save money on paddle board trips because you won’t have to rent a board everywhere you go.

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