3 Signs You Should Alter Your Dog’s Diet

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Your dog’s diet should be a source of nutrition so that they can enjoy every day as much as you do. However, just like human diets, poor food choices can result in significant health issues for pets, affecting their fur, skin, and even their teeth. Our guide details some of the most common signs you should alter your dog’s diet. Dive into the information below to learn when it’s time to make a change for the better.

Fur Problems

Healthy pups have rich, vibrant coats of fur on their bodies. So if you notice your dog’s hair looks dry and frail, talk with your veterinarian about potential new diet opportunities. The solution your vet gives will likely be more protein in your pet’s diet. This solution is beneficial because protein and the amino acids it contains influence many parts of a dog’s body, including the fur, skin, and muscles.

Overweight Pup

One of the clearest signs you should alter your dog’s diet is excessive weight gain. If your dog shows signs of obesity, take a close look at how you’re feeding them every day. Even if your pet sits by their bowl waiting for more food, keep each meal concise. When it comes to any diet, portion control goes a long way.

Plus, another similarity between dog and human diets is that they’re best without empty calories. So if you’re feeding your dog food that carries little nutritional value but ample empty calories, that’s likely why your pup is becoming too plump. However, as with any health issue regarding your dog, always talk to your vet before settling on a solution.

Constant Itching

Understandably, constant itching might cause some dog-owners to assume that something on the pet’s skin is causing them trouble. That said, in some cases, the dog’s diet could be causing the problem. Constant itching is typically a clear sign of food allergies, a problem that many pets endure. Luckily, you can successfully optimize your dog’s diet to prevent such issues. Once again, you can find a quick solution by scheduling an appointment with your vet. After all, each dog is different, so having an expert work closely with your pet will yield the best dietary solution.

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