3 Ways To Improve the Plumbing in Your Home

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3 Ways To Improve the Plumbing in Your Home

Plumbing is an essential part of any home and needs to handle numerous responsibilities, such as fluid transfer and water management. If you need to improve your plumbing, some helpful ideas will make it more efficient and ready for waste management. Read on to learn helpful ways to improve your home’s plumbing for a better system and easier home maintenance.

Use a Low-Flow Toilet

While a toilet that flushes gallons of water in a flush is good for getting rid of large amounts of waste, it does use high amounts of water. Install a low-flush toilet that will use significantly less water and save more water for other areas of the home.

A low-flush toilet will use a little over one gallon of water compared to the two to seven gallons used in older, more heavy-duty toilets. Your plumbing system will deal with less water moving through the pipes, resulting in less water that could lead to corrosion from constant waste disposal.

Use Better Pipe Plugs

A pipe plug will close a pipe with an unnecessary open end. Choose the best pipe plugs to improve your plumbing, such as a plastic pipe plug with a threaded end for a secure fit. Ensure you clean the pipe plug every few months to prevent buildup from dirt or chemicals that could cause corrosion.

Install Quality Insulation

During the winter, a frozen pipe is a dangerous part of the home and may burst, causing water leakage that will eventually freeze after overexposure to the cold. Add insulation to your pipes to help them survive the cold.

Use neoprene foam and pipe sleeves for the best insulation, and remove them in the spring before the weather gets too warm. Your hot water will stay warmer for longer when the pipes have insulation, helping you feel warm during the winter with warm showers and hot water to clean.

An excellent plumbing system is valuable for any home. Improve your home’s plumbing using these methods and give yourself a system that won’t fail when you need it to dispose of the most waste.

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