4 Common Places To Find Rodents During the Winter

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4 Common Places To Find Rodents During the Winter

Rodents are one of the most common animals to find anywhere you go. Rodents will discover numerous places around you to feed, rest, and build a nest, especially to escape the cold of winter. Knowing about the habits of rodents will help you find ways to keep them away; read on to learn more about where they go in the winter.

In the Walls of Your Home

You need to ensure the walls of your home are in good condition. Rodents will take advantage of any small openings in windows, vents, or the floor. A minor fissure in a wall thinner than half a centimeter is enough room for mice or voles to squeeze through and scurry through your home’s interior.

During the winter, rodents will move around the perimeter of homes, looking for entrances through small gaps in windows or cracks in the foundation. Look around your home and find small openings that may allow rodents in and seal them to keep pests out.


Every vehicle has numerous gaps that a rodent will scurry into. Vehicles are a common place to find rodents during the winter, as their well-insulated nature makes cars and trucks great homes for rodents. Vehicles have a system of parts that connect, and it will be easy for an animal to explore almost every inch and find a place to call home.

Vehicles that rodents may enter range from cars to motorboats. Camper vans are especially susceptible to rodents, which is why there are effective ways to prevent rodents from entering your van that you should practice. Sealing vehicle openings and starting the engine frequently during the winter will help keep rodents away.


As attics are normally vacant and filled with items for storage, they make a convenient, calm space for rodents during the cold months. The attic feels relatively warmer because of the heat that rises from the lower levels of a home and will become a common place to find rodents during the winter. You’ll need to trim shrubs and trees around the home to ensure rodents won’t have the means to climb onto the roof and find a way in.

Vacant Structures

The empty interiors of shutdown stores, construction sites, and abandoned houses will make nice long-term shelters for rodents. Consider the areas in your home that may remain vacant, such as a shack or shed. Frequent the area more often to give the small animals the impression that they need to find another place to stay.

There are various places where rodents will hide to stay warm in the winter. Knowing where you may encounter them will help you take preventative measures and ensure they don’t find their way into your space.

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