4 Essential Types of Business Security Systems

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Protecting the safety of employees, valuable data, and property should be a top priority for all businesses. While data breaches and safety threats are sometimes unavoidable, businesses can take many preventative measures to mitigate security and safety risks. To better protect your business, consider implementing these essential types of business security systems.

Fire alarms

Fire alarms are essential systems every business should utilize—whether they’re a small coffee shop or a large industrial facility. Such alarms will notify your building’s occupants of potential issues so that they can quickly and efficiently exit the facility before the flames spread. Fire alarms can also immediately send information to local fire prevention control centers, which work to will identify and deal with the fire as quickly as possible to mitigate property loss.

Security alarm systems

Security alarm systems and detectors will make it easier for you to monitor your facility and keep your business safe from break-ins. Common types of security alarm systems include motion detectors, glass break detectors, motion sensors, and door and window sensors. Each of these systems will send an alert to a central panel about unusual activity, and they may automatically alert authorities, signal alarms, or report to a human operator, depending on their programming.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance gives you the ability to monitor your business from the inside and outside. Cameras not only help monitor your premises and catch and identify criminals, but also serve as visual deterrents that can prevent crime from occurring in the first place. Video surveillance is especially important in parking lot areas, where most criminal acts at business offices occur.

Access control systems

You don’t want just anyone to have access to your business. Installing access control systems will ensure that only those who have been granted access will be able to enter your facility. By regulating who enters your property, you can better ensure the safety of your staff, data, and belongings.

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