4 Signs You Need To Replace Your Interior Doors

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4 Signs You Need To Replace Your Interior Doors

Doors are a crucial part of your home. But doors slowly degrade over time, and eventually, you’ll need to repair or replace them. But how do you know when it’s time to get new ones? In this article, we go over four signs you need to replace your interior doors so that you can keep your home functional.

A Cacophony of Noise

Do your attempts to sneak into the kitchen for a midnight snack fail because of loud, obnoxious doors? Squeakiness, creakiness, and general noisiness are common signs that a door needs a replacement. Loose, unlubricated, or dirty hinges are common culprits of noisy doors. Often, you can solve the issue by just dusting them off or tightening them. But doors also naturally lose their sound barriers over time, and if this happens, then only replacement will get you the peace and quiet you need.

It’s Getting Chilly in Here

Does your home feel cold as of late? When there are drafts in the house, we usually assume that the front door is the culprit. But deteriorating interior doors can also affect your home’s temperature by allowing air to travel unobstructed from one room to the next. For example, if someone is running a fan in one room, that cool air can drift across the whole home and make it feel chilly. Replacing drafty doors should solve your temperature woes and make your home more comfortable.

Cosmetic Problems

Another sign you need to replace your interior doors is the presence of cosmetic problems. Are your interior doors scratched? Is the paint cracked or peeling? While some cosmetic problems are fixable, more severe issues may necessitate replacement. If your door doesn’t look as good or function as well as it used to, consider swapping it out for a new one.

Hard To Open or Close

Do you need to summon the strength of the Hulk every time you need to enter or leave a room? Several things can make doors hard to open or close, including faulty installation, general wear-and-tear, loose hinge screws, and door jams that aren’t flush with the frame. Many of these issues are easy to fix, but you may only be able to resolve others through replacement.

If you need to replace your doors, hire an installation pro or learn how to install an interior door like a pro so that your new door will look and function exactly as it should.

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