4 Tips for Getting Back in Shape

A woman working out at home on a yoga mat.

Your local gym might have just opened again recently, or maybe you built yourself your own at home and finally got your hands on some equipment. Either way, it might have been a while since you got in a good workout. Keep reading and use these tips for getting back in shape before you return to the gym.

Ease Back Into It

The first tip is to take it easy. You are not going to be able to lift the same weight or run at the same speed as you could when you were in tip-top shape, which might have been years ago. So, when you first start out, go a bit lighter and get comfortable with working out again because getting in shape isn’t going to happen overnight.

Set Goals

It’s always important to have goals when you head into the gym. Are you trying to get back to where you once were? Are you looking to change your physique? Lose weight? These are all questions you should ask yourself because they can help define those goals and help you create a workout plan, which is a must.

Find a Partner

Lifting weights and using exercise machines can be dangerous, especially if you’re working out at home. To avoid a workout injury, it’s always a great idea to work out with a partner. This way, if you have trouble getting a weight back up, you have someone there who can spot you.

Focus on Form

One last tip for getting back in shape is to concentrate on your form. It’s easy to get lost in how much weight you are lifting, but proper form is what will truly work out your muscles. Like we mentioned earlier, start off with lighter weights and go from there. Resistance machines can help because, unlike free weights, they will guide you with the correct movements.

Getting back in shape can feel strange and even painful since you might feel sore at the start. However, if you commit to an active lifestyle for anywhere from two weeks to a month, the soreness will fade away, and you will find it hard to stay away from the gym.


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