4 Tools Every Professional Barber Should Have

4 Tools Every Professional Barber Should Have

If you have a passion for helping people find their perfect look, a career as a professional barber might be for you. However, it’s important that you not only have the skills to cut hair, but also that you have the proper equipment to do so effectively. Here are the four tools every professional barber should have and how they contribute to quality results and happy clients.

Electric Hair Clippers

First off, it’s important that you have a pair of electric hair clippers and attachments to do the bulk of your cutting with. These devices allow you to quickly cut away larger quantities of hair and narrow down some of the finer points of a style. Certain models of clippers are even designed to be used for hair of a shorter length. Because of this, they work great for establishing crisp lines along the ears and back of the neck. They’re the perfect multi-purpose tool for all barbers.

Hair Cutting Shears

Though they’re more often used by women’s hair stylists rather than barbers, a quality set of hair cutting shears is also useful to have. These blades are designed to provide the user with optimal control over the cut. Therefore, they’re great for creating more precise shapes and lines and helping you better adhere to your client’s expectations. For this reason, it’s recommended that you choose your own pair carefully.

A Set of Hair Combs

Another tool every professional barber should have is a complete set of hair combs to cater to specific types of hair. While some of your customers will have thin, straight hair that’s easy to manage, others might have thicker, curlier locks that require a bit of extra care. This is why it’s vital that you always have the right brush to remove tangles and establish parts.

A Straight Razor

The job of a professional barber also includes trimming and styling facial hair. As such, you should make sure that you have a sharpened straight razor on hand. This tool is the best way to achieve the classic, clean-shaven look while minimizing the impact on a person’s skin. Keeping one in your arsenal will ensure that you’re always prepared.


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