4 Unique Gifts for Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is one of the more forgotten holidays. It’s not uncommon for dads to forget about it themselves. But our fathers are undoubtedly deserving of some appreciation for all their hard work raising us and supporting the family. Take the time to look through unique gifts for Father’s Day this year and get your dad something he’ll truly enjoy.

Everyday Gifts


For the father always buried in his books, a Kindle can make for a perfect present. It’s an electronic tablet through which you can buy and store digital books. While you might be able to do this on other devices as well, the Kindle is unique in that its display mimics the look of real paper, so it doesn’t overly strain the reader’s eyes. The screen is also adjustable to the amount of light in the area, so it remains comfortably viewable in any setting.

AirPods with Charging Case

All the hip kids may already have had wireless earbuds stuck in their head for a while now, but your dad might still be using his huge headphones from the 90s. Upgrade his music listening experience to that of the future with some AirPods, complete with a portable charging case. No more painful cord catches and fuzzy sound quality for him.

Luxury Gifts

Lynx Professional Propane Gas Grill

Grilling is one of those typical dad activities you’re bound to have seen, either in real life or on TV. If your father is a backyard barbeque maestro who loves to serve sizzling cuisine for family and friends, consider gifting him with the ultimate grill. The Lynx Gas Grill has grilling and smoking capabilities, a stainless-steel exterior, ceramic components that don’t rust, and an infrared burner that can be turned up or down for thicker and more delicate cuts. Its optimized design provides for superior temperature regulation that ensures uniform, accurate heat distribution as well.

ShopBot Handibot

Woodworking is another hobby your father may use to wind down after a long week at work. You can help him take his crafting capabilities to the next level with a ShopBot Handibot CNC tool. With the built-in software, he can easily direct the Handibot to perform precise cutting and carving actions with wood, plastic, foam, aluminum, and fiberboards. Designs that may have been too time-intensive or delicate to realistically attempt before become accessible with this handy tool.

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