4 Ways to Enhance Your TV Viewing Experience

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Who doesn’t love their TV time? Sitting down to your favorite movie, show, or game is a great way to unwind or spend time with friends. Plenty of high-tech devices and gadgets promise the ultimate picture quality, but there are also many quick and simple ways to enhance your TV viewing experience overall. Check out these TV tips to make the most of your next movie night or gaming session.

Change Your TV Settings

It may seem simple, but getting to know your TV settings can completely change your viewing experience for the better. Chances are, your television has a preset picture mode that’s perfect for anything you use the television for. If the presets aren’t working quite for you, though, take a look at the color temperature, brightness, and contrast. Changing these settings can deliver the best picture quality to enhance your TV viewing experience.

Change Your Comfort Settings

Sitting down to your favorite movie or show is a time to relax and unwind, so don’t be afraid to get comfortable. Put on your comfy clothes and grab a snack, and make sure your surroundings are as homey as possible. Keeping an extra blanket or pillows in the living room can make the time you spend there even more relaxing. Decorate with fairy lights or dim the lights for a movie theater effect that will improve any movie night or TV binge.

Manage Your Profiles

It can be frustrating when you prepare everything and finally sit down in front of the TV, only to struggle to find anything good to watch. Creating and managing your own profile on each of your streaming services can help. When everyone on the account has their own profile, their lists and suggestions will remain separate from yours, which means you’ll get more content you enjoy when you search for something new to watch.

Plan Ahead

Part of the fun of a movie night is looking forward to it. Penciling in movie or TV time can make it that much more special. Doing so also makes it easier to meet up and watch with friends. Plus, if you pick something ahead of time, you won’t waste time choosing what to watch. Many streaming services also let you download movies or episodes to your device, which is handy when you’re watching with unreliable Internet.

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