4 Ways to Protect Your Car’s Exterior

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Cars often must endure day-to-day damage from various sources. From pebbles flying off trucks to a stray cart in the grocery store parking lot, your car faces multiple dangers during your normal errands. You do, however, have ways to prepare your car and minimize scratches, dents, and other cosmetic issues. Consider these different ways to protect your car’s exterior.

Ceramic coatings

Ceramic coating systems protect the surface of your entire car. You can even get ceramic coatings on your wheels to extend their cosmetic life. These are applied to your car to protect it from dust, dirt on the road, small rocks, and salt. You can even have your windshield coated to repel water and enhance visibility during extreme weather.

Clear bra

A clear bra is a great way to protect your car’s paint from scratches and peeling. You also get added protection from bird droppings, minor door dings, and other normal scratches that can happen on a car. A clear bra is also nearly impossible to see, so it won’t compromise your car’s appearance at all.

Car covers

Covers protect your car’s exterior when you’re not driving it. If you park outside regularly, or have to keep your car in a lot for multiple days, a car cover can protect it from weather, mild debris, bird droppings, and leaves. This can reduce the amount you have to spend on paint retouching and scratch repair.

Plastic polish

Plastic polish protects the plastic components on your car, such as the handles and the housings for mirrors. Not only does this make your car shine, but it protects from smudges, small nicks, and discoloration. You can also put plastic polish on your headlights to keep them clear and shining as bright as possible, as this can improve your ability to see at night.

All these simple protection measures for cars can save you on repairs and keep your car safe, so you won’t have to worry about the daily cosmetic damage your car may suffer.

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