5 Fun Activities That You Can Do Alone

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Everyone is being encouraged to practice social distancing right now, the idea being that the closer we are to each other, the greater the chance we will spread the coronavirus. During this time, many of us are choosing not to leave home for any reason. It’s a great time to be an introvert! On the other hand, there is only so much television and YouTube a person can watch before even that gets boring and tedious. What do you do then? Here are some fun activities that you can do alone, both in and out of the house.

Unplug from the Tech

A simple thing to do is turn off the TV, put down the tablet, and silence your ringer. Get reacquainted with some of your favorite low-tech activities from days gone by. Pick up a book, paint a picture, bake some bread—just do something that you can only do in the real world, not the virtual one. We are losing touch with the natural world more and more, so get in touch with it again.

Drop a Line in the Water

Get outside and go fishing! It’s fun and relaxing. Throw a line in the water, listen to the birds singing, and be a part of nature for a little while. Fishing is not boring—it’s a leisurely activity that you can do by yourself. If you catch anything, that’s just a bonus. The point is to get outdoors and enjoy a nice day.

Get Some Exercise

Even if your gym is closed or you don’t want to leave the house, you can still get some exercise. You don’t need expensive equipment and clothes to do it, either. Do you remember doing calisthenics during gym class? If you can’t remember how to do jumping jacks, there are thousands of videos and articles about working out at home. Find one, and get a sweat going.

Learn a New Language

A lot of people regret never learning a second language. There are several online tutorials and apps to help you pick up a new language. There will come a time when international travel will be permitted again. Get ready for that trip to France by learning French. Today is the perfect day to start.

Take up Knitting

Low tech is new again. Knitting is a fun and functional activity that you can do alone. A ball of yarn and some knitting needles are all you need. You can even do it while listening to music or watching TV. Learn to knit, and get a jump start on making Christmas presents for all your friends and family.

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