5 Interior Design Styles To Consider Using in Your Home

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Interior design is an important part of making your house into a home. Whether you’ve just moved into your first house or have decided that it’s time to redecorate after living in the same place for years, you should be aware of a few well-loved design styles while decorating. To help you decide which style is the best fit for you, here is a list of five interior design styles to consider using in your home.


Traditional style is one of the most popular styles for interior design. It’s classic and gives off a dignified yet homey air. Traditional style takes its cue from traditional European décor. It typically features dark wood floors and furniture, wooden molding and paneling, antique-style furniture, and a variety of colors and textures. A traditional style can be customized with the addition of more modern pieces that display your personality.


Contemporary style is on the opposite side of the spectrum from traditional. It’s usually compared with modern design, although the two have a few distinct differences. Contemporary design features open floor plans, neutral colors, and unique lighting designs or metal furniture to accent the room.


Rustic style is reminiscent of what you might find in a cabin in the woods. This style features lots of wood, including wooden flooring and exposed wooden beams, as well as exposed stone elements. A wood burning fireplace would not be out of place in a rustic home. Modern rustic designs provide an elevated version of this home décor style.


A farmhouse style gives a home a cozy, borderline rustic feel. Farmhouse style can be either traditional or modern, so it is well suited to the architecture of most homes. Many people like to incorporate farmhouse style into kitchens because of the comfortable and welcoming air that they bring. Common elements of a farmhouse style include white or other light colors, vintage style furniture, and rustic, wooden accents.


Many beach houses and lake houses feature a coastal décor style. A color palate of white, greens, blues, and tans is often seen in coastal homes, reminiscent of the ocean and beach. Coastal style also features wooden elements and other décor inspired by the ocean.

In addition to these five interior design styles to consider using in your home, an array of other home décor styles are out there. When decorating your home, go with your instinct and choose furniture and decorations that will make your house beautiful and bring you joy. Make your house a place where you’re excited to live!

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