5 Inventions that Changed the Modern Workplace

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The workplace is made of a conglomeration of different inventions, and several of these are essential for workers everywhere to effectively complete their daily tasks and further the progress of their company. Today we’re going to go over a few inventions that changed the modern workplace.

1. The Stapler

This seemingly innocuous tool is perhaps one of the most important non-technological items that we can have in the workplace. Even with the influx of electronic files, we still need a paper trail—and it’s the stapler that keeps these pages in check.

2. Time Clocks

As anyone in an hourly position knows, it’s essential that we get paid for every minute that we work. As such, time clocks are essential. The first punch card was invented in 1890, and it has evolved into the electronic versions of clocking in we use today.

3. Email

In 1972, a man named Ray Tomlinson began to develop the early stages of email. In the decades since, it has become perhaps the most popular communication form in the business world. It provides an easy way to relay information and has greatly improved workplace efficiency.

4. Excel

The capabilities of Excel are so incredibly vast that even individuals that use it don’t realize its full potential. Excel is indisputably the best way to store data and keep information in one place. This is a tool that isn’t leaving the workplace anytime soon, and employees that know how to use it are incredibly useful.

5. The Coffee Maker

We can’t make this list without mentioning a workplace staple. Freshly brewed coffee might as well be the official scent of the office. The first drip coffee maker was invented in 1907 by a woman named Melitta Bentz; one can’t help but wonder if she knew how essential this item would one day be.

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