5 Must-Know Tips for an Awesome Outdoor Wedding

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5 Must-Know Tips for an Awesome Outdoor Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most significant days of your life, and an outdoor location can be the perfect place to tie the knot. Follow these five must-know tips for an awesome outdoor wedding.

1. Be Prepared for the Weather

Look at the weather forecast in the days leading up to the wedding date, and check it on the day of the event, too. Based on the expected conditions, you can give guests items that keep them comfortable. If there’s a short, light rain, guests will appreciate umbrellas. Offer handheld fans on a hot day, and on a cold day, offer blankets.

2. Have a Backup Location

If the weather takes a major turn, you’ll be glad to have a predetermined backup location for your ceremony and reception. Many outdoor wedding venues also offer an on-site indoor option you can book. If you’re unsatisfied with the indoor option, ask if you can bring a tent or consider choosing another venue.

3. Use Portable Decorations

Portable decorations make it easier to set up for the festivities outside. And if the need arises to move the celebration indoors, you can easily transition. An incredible way to engage guests at your reception is to set up a photo booth. One of the benefits of setting up a photo booth is that it’s easy to place and move around.

4. Direct Guests Smoothly

Have you ever attended a wedding where guests were unsure of where to go and when to move? One way to direct guests smoothly is to create an intuitive layout. You can also use charming signs that point the way to things like the ceremony, reception, bathrooms, and guestbook. Another option is to have a few helpful friends strategically placed to direct the guests.

5. Have Thoughtful Seating

The final must-know tip for an awesome outdoor wedding is to provide comfortable seating. If you have a short ceremony, you might not want or need guests to sit down. But keep in mind that some guests will need a seat even for shorter ceremonies, so it’s best to have at least a few on hand. For ceremonies that last more than 10 minutes, give everyone a place to sit.

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