5 Road Trip Essentials To Bring On Your Next Adventure

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5 Road Trip Essentials To Bring On Your Next Adventure

Spring is upon us, and many people are leaving home for fun vacations. An affordable way to see some sights is by taking a road trip.

The road trip is an American vacation staple and, when done right, can be an unforgettable experience. To ensure your getaway is perfect, here are five road trip essentials to bring on your next adventure.

The Legal Essentials

Anytime you get into your car, you must ensure you have all the proper legal documentation. This includes a driver’s license, registration, insurance paperwork, and valid vehicle tags. Yes, most people leave these items in their car at all times, and it may seem obvious, but it’s still worth double-checking before you go.

You don’t want to get pulled over without your license and registration, so do a quick review of all your legal documents before hitting the road.

Bug-Out Bag

A bug-out bag is a survival kit of sorts. A bug-out bag should be a bag filled with essential items for emergencies. Don’t go overboard—you only need to store a few things safely in your car.

Consider packing adequate running shoes, first aid supplies, shelter equipment, communication devices, and some food and water. In the event your car gets stuck or breaks down, being prepared with a bug-out bag may save your life.

Snacks and Water

Not including your bug-out bag, make sure to pack food and water for your road trip. You can bring produce and food items with a shorter shelf life than the items you keep in your survival kit. Pack some protein-rich sandwiches and less-messy produce for shorter road trips, like apples and oranges.

Keep a cooler in the car so you can replenish your supply throughout the trip. Refillable water bottles allow you to stock up on liquids without spending money on single-use plastic water bottles. They’re also more sustainable!

Warm Clothes and a Blanket

Along with the other stored gear in your car, pack warm clothing. If you intend to explore different environments on your road trip, functional and comfortable clothing will protect your body from the elements.

A blanket is also handy if you want to take a nap while on the road and for children who wish to sleep and stay warm in the backseat.

Chargers, Chargers, Chargers (and Batteries)

You can’t have enough chargers on a road trip! We’ve all been in situations where our chargers break or malfunction, leaving us no way to charge our devices. If you’re driving through a remote area, it might be a while before you can purchase another cable.

Bring a few spare chargers to ensure your phones and devices stay adequately powered throughout the adventure. The same is true for batteries, as some of your technology may require batteries during the road trip.

Consider these five road trip essentials to bring on your next adventure and ensure your vacation goes off without a hitch. Before embarking on your trip, always make a plan that guarantees you don’t leave any important item behind.

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