5 Ways To Improve the Air Quality of Your Garage

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5 Ways To Improve the Air Quality of Your Garage

The average homeowner spends a decent amount of time in their garage completing weekly tasks. It’s important to monitor the air quality inside of a garage because it’s where we park cars and store various hazardous substances. Poor air quality can significantly impact your health and requires preventative maintenance to sustain a toxin-free environment. Learn the best ways to improve the air quality of your garage by performing basic maintenance and using the most effective safety practices.

Avoid Smoking

It’s common to smoke tobacco products inside the garage as an alternative to smoking inside the living space of a home. Tobacco products contain harmful chemicals that are detrimental to your health and the air quality of your garage.

Install Air Monitors

The garage is one of the best places to put a carbon monoxide detector because it helps homeowners accurately gauge the air quality. The garage often houses cars, water heaters, and other machinery that can emit carbon monoxide and other toxic fumes. They can go undetected without air monitors.

Ventilate the Garage

One of the easiest ways to improve the air quality of your garage is by introducing ventilation. Keep the garage door open when working inside it for long periods to promote clean airflow. Improving the air quality becomes easier when you actively ventilate the air to control pollutants.

Use All-Natural Cleaners

The garage requires frequent maintenance like any other room of your home. Conduct frequent cleaning of the floors, shelves, and other surfaces of your garage with a toxin-free cleaning solution. Cleaning agents that contain harmful chemicals emit fumes inside the garage and decrease the air quality.

Remove Garbage Waste

Remove unused products and other waste from the garage to prevent chemicals from settling and polluting the air. Routinely go through any chemical substances you keep in the garage and ensure you dispose of them properly after they reach their expiration dates. Use garage organization shelves to keep track of dangerous substances and avoid the risk of spills inside the garage.

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