6 Important Safety Tips for Industrial Workers

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In industrial workplaces, staying safe on the job and going home in one piece every day should be everyone’s goal. Workers who ignore safety best practices risk exposing themselves to preventable accidents. Take the extra time to be safe and avoid a trip to the emergency room. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, so go the extra mile and make your workplace better by following these safety tips for industrial workers.

Take Your Breaks

Many accidents and injuries occur when workers are tired. When fatigue sets in, workers can go on autopilot and stop paying attention to what they’re doing. Taking regular breaks lets you refocus your mind and recharge your body.

No Horseplay

Misusing machines or tools is the fastest way to get hurt on the job. Forklifts and motorized pallet jacks are heavy and powerful—they aren’t toys. Use all tools the way they were designed to be used, and treat them with respect. They can change your life for the worse in an instant.

Adopt Proper Posture

Failing to use the proper technique for lifting is a great way to injure yourself. Use any tools available to lift heavy loads and to spare your back. If you must manually pick up anything heavy off the floor, lift with your legs. Squat down like a baseball catcher, keeping your back straight, and lift up. Don’t bend your back.

Watch for Falling Objects

To make sure things don’t fall from overhead, use toeboards and rails to secure them. If pallets or large materials are stacked high, make sure they’re stable. Whenever possible, keep heavy objects on lower shelves.

Inform Your Supervisor of Safety Hazards

If you see something that isn’t safe, or if you think something might be a safety hazard, tell your supervisor. If you think it’s safe to do so, remove the hazard yourself and then notify your supervisor of what you saw. It’s their job to eliminate any potentially dangerous situations from the workplace.

Don’t Remove Guards

All industrial machinery comes with guards to keep operators from putting their hands in dangerous points of the machine. The machine manufacturer identified that point as a safety hazard on the machine and put protections in place for a reason, so leave them there.

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