A Guide on How to Keep Your Home Safe

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It doesn’t matter if you’re going on a three-week vacation or a thirty-minute trip to the grocery store: thieves can always find a way to break into your house and steal your valuables. However, you don’t need to invest in a heavy-duty safe or a guard dog for protection. Learn how to keep your home safe with these easy solutions.

Maintain Your Lawn

A properly maintained lawn is a good way to keep thieves out. It may sound strange, but an unkept lawn can attract thieves. Whether your yard is full of toys and miscellaneous items or desperately needs cutting, thieves may see this as a sign that your home is equally neglected. An overgrown lawn can also serve as a hiding place for burglars. Some ways to maximize your home’s privacy include installing a high-scale fence, trimming your shrubs and grass regularly, and keeping clutter off your lawn.

Lock Windows and Doors

Keep windows and doors locked when you’re not home. Intruders can climb into unsecured windows above or below the ground floor, so make sure to lock any second-floor and basement-level windows along with ground-floor windows. If anyone in your family goes into the backyard, lock the sliding glass door as soon as they come back in.

Use Timers on TVs and Lights

If you’re going on vacation, you can still give the illusion that someone remains in your house. Timers for TVs and lights give off the impression that someone is home even if they aren’t. No intruder is going to break into an occupied space. Plus, these timers will turn electronics on and off so as not to waste electricity and overcharge your electric bill.

Know Your Neighbors

It’s important to know and trust your neighbors so that they can look after your house if you go out of town. Having your neighbor water the plants, feed your pets, or generally housesit while you’re away will give you peace of mind. Just make sure you trust these neighbors and that they won’t let anyone into your home. Another reason it’s a good idea to know all your neighbors is so that you can be aware of any new cars or people in your neighborhood.

Keep Spare Keys Out of Obvious Places

It’s a bad idea to keep spare keys in obvious places. Under doormats, in potted plants, or on top of the doorframe are all relatively expected areas any robber can access. You should also be mindful of your garage and your vehicle. Park your car in the garage, lock it, and keep the door closed—even when you’re at home.

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