Additions You Can Make To Enhance Your Backyard Pool

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Additions You Can Make To Enhance Your Backyard Pool

Everybody loves being able to take a dip in the backyard pool. Whether you’re relaxing on a warmer afternoon or inviting people over for a weekend cookout, the pool is the place to be. If you want to spruce things up a bit, here are some additions you can make to enhance your backyard pool and make it more exciting.

Adding Lights

If you’re not looking to make any major renovations, you may still be able to better the pool experience with customizable lighting. Lights are great for when you enjoy swimming later in the evening or at night, as they can create a calming, unique environment. You can also install lights in the pool’s bottom to create an underwater light show that will make your evening soaks feel even more magical.

Swim-Up Bar

On a hot afternoon, few things are better than a dip in the pool followed by a cool, refreshing drink. Installing a swim-up bar on one end of your pool allows swimmers to make or serve themselves delicious beverages. Install a mini-fridge or blender and enjoy a drink without getting out of the water. And alcohol is optional—you can make some delicious frozen slushies using this setup.

Water Slide

Jumping into the deep end of the pool with your best cannonball is always a crowd-pleaser. If you want something a bit more interactive, why not consider installing a water slide? It’s entirely possible to install a water slide on a pre-existing pool—just ensure you have the space for it. People will be lining up to take their turn down this exciting addition to your pool.

Water Fixtures

One of the best additions you can make to enhance your backyard pool is investing in some water fixtures. There are larger aesthetic water feature options, such as waterfalls, but there are also many smaller fountain options. There are even floating fountains, which are entertaining and enjoyable without requiring extensive changes to your backyard deck.

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