Automobile floating in the Mississippi

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By Pam Crittenden Johnson
Staff Writer

On Monday, March 6th an emergency call came in from a fisherman on the Mississippi River. He reported witnessing an automobile going into the river. Deputy Vernon was the first on the scene. Upon arriving, Deputy Vernon witnessed the vehicle floating. Within a matter of minutes, it disappeared from sight.
The Lake County Rescue Unit was dispatched and searched the area along with other rescue volunteers.
Although the vehicle has been located, retrieving it has been fruitless. Divers were called but were not able to enter the river because of the swift current and high water.
Trees along with other debris were moving at a rapid pace in the current and could have caused harm to anyone in the water.
Please follow-up in next week’s Banner for the latest information in retrieving the automobile from the river.
Photos of search by Jamie Jordan.

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