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Best Ways To Embrace the Great Outdoors This Fall

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Autumn is a delectable recipe to gobble up, with a distinctive beauty to entice the senses. There’s no better time of year to open up the door and explore the outside world. This season’s scenery is stunning to behold and sink your teeth into. Similar to what Sarah Addison Allen describes in her novel First Frost, it looks “like the world’s covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon.”

Need some fresh ideas for outdoor activities to do before autumn’s over? We’ve compiled a list of the best ways to embrace the great outdoors this fall. Here’s how to enjoy the rest of this splendid season.

Slow Down: Take a Walk Through the Woods

Want to take in the picturesque fall flora and foliage someplace you haven’t been before? You’re not alone in wanting to bask in Mother Nature’s beautiful surroundings. Fortunately, idyllic autumn settings are limitless this time of year.

Head to a park or trail you haven’t been before with family or friends. Take a hike through the woods to seek out beauty, keep an eye out for wildlife, and simply take a deep breath in the crisp, fresh air. Be sure to layer up, slow down to smell the roses, and pack seasonal nibbles for an alfresco meal or snack.

Work on a New Skill: Explore Different Activities

If you’re more of a hygge fan who seeks out artistry and comfort, you can still enjoy the wonders of this revitalizing season. The great outdoors supply ample opportunities—and incredible conditions—for immersive activities or relaxing hobbies. These experiences are some of the best ways to embrace the great outdoors this fall.

Try out fall photography, paint or draw the landscape, pick out seasonal fruits and vegetables, bird-watch, kayak, or hit the water to fly-fish. Whatever activity you choose, the idea is to create a lasting memory and build new skills that you can enjoy throughout the change of seasons.

Look Up: Gaze at the Night Sky

Getting off the couch and into the marvels of Mother Nature is what seasonal outdoor adventures are all about. How about a weekend away on a camping trip and a night spent under the stars? The sun sets earlier these days, and you might as well make the most of it by stargazing. Bring along a tent or rent a nearby cabin. Remember to pack the ingredients for s’mores for those nighttime bonfires.

If you wish to stay connected to the world, bring along assorted portable power gadgets and solutions for the outdoor excursion. But don’t forget to put down the electronics and revel in the present moment. Each passing season is a gift to humanity, and the mementos of fall are certainly no exception.

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