Best Ways to Exercise Your Dog in the Winter

Best Ways to Exercise Your Dog in the Winter

Winter weather is notorious for having some of the worst conditions: snow, ice, heavy winds, and freezing rain to name a few. Naturally, during times like these, we will stay inside and not focus on our physical health. Not only that, but we neglect our pets during this cold period too—especially our dog who needs to get outside to walk and do their business. You should still try to implement the best ways to exercise your dog in the winter. Otherwise, be on the lookout for signs of your dog not getting enough exercise to avoid these issues.

Play a Game

Hide-and-seek, tug-of-war, and fetch are all games you can play to get your dog moving and active. These games will make them alert and excited to move around. Depending on the size of your dog, you’ll have to decide how much you want to play in your house versus out. Smaller dogs have more room to run and jump inside your home, whereas with larger dogs it is better to go to a dog park or larger outside space.

Join a Class

There are also classes you can join to keep your dog active. Many doggy day-care centers offer exercise classes for your pet. Not to mention, some offer dual dog-human exercise programs. This way, you can enjoy moving around with your furry friend while burning calories. Both you and your dog will feel better and more energetic afterward.

Start Indoor Training

Inclement weather offers a great opportunity to start indoor training. Training helps dogs become obedient and better at socializing. Use this time to teach your dog how to meet guests, walk while leashed, learn to sit, and to stop begging for food. All these will benefit your dog with its social and indoor skills.

Take Walks Anyway

No one wants to go outside when its negative degrees out, but your dog will thank you for it. A 15 to 20-minute walk around the block will let your dog do its business and get some fresh air. Obviously, don’t do this if there’s inclement weather or its dangerous for your four-legged companion. Only go when it’s nice enough or you can bundle up properly. Use this opportunity to bond with your dog and to enjoy the freshness outside.

Get a Dog Treadmill

Yes, dog treadmills exist, and, yes, you can get one for yours. As silly as it may sound, these operate similarly to human treadmills. Dog treadmills come in various forms and sizes to match your budget and needs. There are some with changeable inclines, foldable features, and some that don’t require power. However, when shopping for a dog treadmill, be on the lookout for programmability and if it has walls as well as size and price. Some programs can simulate natural terrain in addition to incline and speed. Additionally, consider treadmills with walls to prevent your dog from feeling intimidated or from falling off the sides.


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