Can You Cancel a Timeshare Agreement?

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At a surface level, timeshares seem amazing. You can share a property with friends, take advantage of the amenities, and enjoy fabulous views. As spectacular as this seems, the reality is more like a nightmare. Often, the contract contains hidden fees that increase over time. Scheduling also causes many headaches. For these reasons, many people want to end their contracts. This article will answer the question: can you cancel a timeshare agreement?

Timeshare Law

To begin, we should overview the comprehensive guide to timeshare law. Some states have a grace period allowing you to cancel within the allotted time. During the grace period, you should compose a recession letter explaining why you want to end the agreement. Also, have a notary date the deal to ensure you follow all legal requirements.

What if You Miss the Grace Period?

Unfortunately, canceling becomes harder if you miss the grace period. Timeshare salespeople often include stipulations within the contract that keep you there longer. When this happens, you should hire a trusted exit company to help. These experts will look for manipulative tactics on the part of the resort company. They must prove the resort did you wrong in the agreement.

What Happens Upon Death?

Timeshares are an inheritable item; this means your family members may have to deal with this financial burden after you pass. If they don’t want to inherit the timeshare, they’ll have to write a recession letter stating why they don’t want it. If this doesn’t work, they may have to sell it for a loss on the market.

This article answers the question: can you cancel a timeshare agreement? The simple answer is yes. However, the process isn’t always easy. If you miss your state’s allotted grace period, things get remarkably difficult. That’s why you can’t go through this alone. You need an experienced timeshare exit company by your side to get you out of the contract.

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