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City of Tiptonville holds regular monthly meeting

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The meeting opened with the pledge of Allegiance and prayer. Last months minutes were read by Mayor Cliff Berry Jr.. and approved by the Board of Alderman.
The Board listened as several properties were named, needing a water adjustment. Mrs. Fran called the roll and the adjustments were approved.
Mr. Carl Schumaker was next on the agenda.. Carl recently purchased 1200 Church Street and 1202 Church Street. These address are both zoned commercial as are the remaining addresses in the building.
Apartments have been made in the remaining buildings and are occupied.
The trash from the residents, line the street each morning and it looks awful. Mr. Schumacher came before the board with two objectives. One, enforce code restrictions on said property.
Two, for the city to mark three parking spaces in front of his business as 10 minutes Parking Only. Mayor Berry ask for time to research the property zoning and to make sure no one is grandfathered in. Issue will be discussed at next month’s meeting. As for the parking spots, the board approved to put 3 signs up in front of Carl Schumaker business. Each sign will read 10 minute parking only during business hours. Alderman Dewayne Haggard ask Mr. Schumaker about the Italian Restaurant. Schumaker stated he had to pause the restaurant. He hasn’t had much luck in hiring skilled labors that were clean..
Aaron Bargery approached the board seeking approval to operate his new mobile truck on private property. Mrs. Fran Hern left the room to locate Tiptonville’s ordnance on food trucks. Upon returning to the meeting, Mr. Hern gave the ordnance to Mayor Berry. Mr. Berry read the ordnance aloud and it stated food trucks can not operate on public land. The Board agreed to amend the ordnance. The first reading will take place during the meeting tonight.
The second reading will be at next month’s meeting. At that time the board will approve the amendment then food trucks can operate on public land. The Mayor and Board briefly mentioned several more items then a call to adjourn was announced.

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