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Commision authorizes funding to dispose of Sheriff’s Office lawsuit

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During the recent meeting, Lake County Commissioners discussed tourism, health insurance and ongoing civil litigation against the Sheriff’s Office concerning commissary services for inmates.
A motion was made and passed to authorize the county to appropriate and set aside $45,000 to dispose of the lawsuit against the Sheriff’s Office. Also included in the Sheriff’s Office report, funds have been approved to fill two vacancies, hiring two school resource officers (SROs) to be placed within the county’s school system.
Katrina Greer with the Lake County Reelfoot Tourism Council spoke about increasing local tourism and beautifying the community.
Greer suggested that the county mayor’s office consider applying for Tennessee Arts Commission grant funds and/or other financing to paint murals on the old silos in Tiptonville. A suggestion was made to have a “Freedom Silo” or something similar as part of a benchmark for America’s 250th Centennial Anniversary in 2026. Raine Clotfelder, America’s Muralist, is recognized as a Navy Historian for his artistic works portraying Navy history.
Clotfelder spoke about some of his illustrations and murals displayed on several American resources, including U.S. Navy ships, military bases, and the White House.
The board decided to table discussion about health insurance bids until a special-called or executive board meeting can be held to discuss two bids received from health insurance providers, the Sequoia Group and White and Associates.
The board is to receive a recommendation for selecting a health insurance provider following the special-called meeting held November 28, 2022.
A motion was made and passed for a resolution allowing the county to obtain a qualifying experienced engineering firm for the purpose of designing and building a FEMA funded safe house (e.g. tornado shelters). The County administrative services also has been in discussions with Community Development Partners, LLC, to help the county with administrative services to submit a grant application to secure grant funds to build FEMA projects.
The next meeting of the Lake County Board of Commissioners is scheduled for 6 p.m. December 19.

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