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Commissioners approve resolutions regarding Second amendment, refugee resettlement

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County commissioners met Tuesday, January 21 to discuss county business and to vote on two resolutions.

A resolution declaring support of the Second Amendment was unanimously passed.

The resolution cites several United States Supreme Court cases, which support the second amendment. The resolution declares that the Lake County government will not authorize any government resources for the purpose of enforcing any acts or laws that infringe on citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

The resolution declares Lake County a “Second Amendment Sanctuary County.”

Commissioners also unanimously passed a resolution of no consent to refugee resettlement in Lake County.

Per President Donald Trump’s Executive Order 13888, written consent from the governor and the chief executive officer of the local government is required for the resettlement of refugees into specific communities.

Governor Lee has consented to “initial refugee resettlement in Tennessee” with no exemption for non-consenting counties.

The resolution states that Lake County does not want to participate in the federal refugee resettlement program. It also requests that Governor Lee retract his consent for initial resettlement in Tennessee. If Governor Lee does not retract his consent, the resolution requests that he revise his letter of consent to exempt non-consenting counties from participation.

During the meeting, Sheriff Bryan Avery informed commissioners that a grant is providing two more school resource officers to Lake County so every school in the county will have one.

The grant is good for two years, and state officials seem to think that the money for the grant will continue to be there in the future.

Commissioners also appointed Jimmy Yates, Tim Windsor, John Dickey, and Misty Stanley to the Agriculture Extension Committee.

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