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Commissioners discuss funding for Air Evac helipad for Tiptonville

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The Lake County Mayor and County Commissioners met and discussed building a Air Evac helipad in Tiptonville. The total cost of the project would be $10,000.
Tiptonville City Mayor Cliff Berry addressed the Commissioners about an Air Evac Helipad. Mayor Berry stated there will be a 40’ x 40’ concert Air Evac Helipad built in Tiptonville, located behind the Fire Department. Mayor Berry asked if the county would go 50/50 on the cost to build. Tiptonville and County would each pay $5,000.00 if approved.
Mayor Cook ask Mr. Jack Mauldin about how many times a year the helicopter had to come into the county. Mauldin said around 10 times. He also stated that he does not allow his team to wait on scene for the Air Evac Helicopter to arrive. His units usually meet the Air Evac Helicopter in Bogota. Mayor Cook asked if Ridgely was interested in a Air Evac Helipad.
It was stated that if one town received County funds then the other should also.
Commissioner Tippit was asked to speak with Ridgely Mayor and Alderman to see if they are interested in a helipad as well. A motion was approved to table the issue until next month’s board meeting.
The Trustees Report, prepared by Mallory Berry (Trustee) was distributed to each Commissioner and Mayor Cook before the meeting.
There was no discussion after examining the documents and a motion to pass was made and report was approved.
EMS report was next. Jack Mauldin gave a summary of the EMS Report.
Last month there had been a total of 196 runs. He stated there are no problems to report on the units. The report was approved.
The Sheriff Report was presented, and it was reported that roughly $3,500 had been taken in. There are presently 42 inmates in jail. They have begun interviewing candidates to fill vacancies in the department.
Motion made followed by a second. Motion passed Each commissioner was appointed to various committees for 2022-2023.
Budget Committee: Wayne Hatley, Jimmy Yates, Johnny Warren and Brandon Hayes. Beer Committee: Jimmy Yates, Danny Tippit, Danny Tippit and John Parker. Jail Committee: Shelby Barker, Terry Pierce, Danny Tippit and John Parker. EMS: John Parker, Shelby Barker and Brandon Hayes. Incinerator Committee: Wayne Hatley, Terry Pierce and Dennis Whitson New for this year is a Health Insurance Committee: Johnny Warren, Danny Tippit, Dennis Whitson and Jimmy Yates. Commission Chairman: Mayor Danny Cook Commission Chairman Pro tem: Jimmy Yates With that business concluded, Shelby mentioned that the Civil War Monument needs repair. Question was raised about who cared for the Monument?
No answer was given.

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