Common Commercial Plumbing Issues and Their Dangers

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Plumbing issues sneak in at what feels like the most inconvenient times. When you’re operating a commercial building and have standards to uphold for your customers or tenants, a clogged drainage system or a structural issue can wreak havoc on your business. Avoiding these common commercial plumbing issues and their dangers not only saves you time but, most importantly, saves funds.


Commonly, a faucet leak is most detectable and passed off as a usual occurrence because it is noticeable upon use. In public or commercial buildings, the restrooms are considered high-traffic areas. More and more tenants and customers are hyper-aware of their handwashing these days, resulting in increased use of sinks and faucets.

Unfortunately, a leak at the faucet is an indicator of something more severe beneath the surface. The user may notice the water dripping out and mention it to management. Consider inspecting the piping and surrounding drywall. Water pooling in hard-to-reach areas creates mold, water damage, and even structural issues.

Unlike an ordinary leaky faucet, a silent leak is not as easily detectable. And it’s possibly the most damaging because of that. Monitoring your water bill closely for any consistent spiking will outline a better picture of what is happening with the structure that you may not see with the naked eye.


Clogs are also passed off as a common commercial plumbing issue, but their danger lies in the fact that they often indicate a more significant concern in the pipes. Compared with residential drainage systems, the construction of commercial drain systems withstands higher usage levels and has higher durability.

An unwritten rule in residential drains is mindful flushing and dumping. And in commercial spaces or buildings, people tend to get lazy with their mindfulness. Unclogging a commercial toilet will not prove as effective as doing so in a residential bathroom.

Potential Dangers

If you feel that your building is suffering more than usual with leaks and clogs, it is time to consider the risks and dangers associated with the plumbing. When you find a leak or clog, the situation may have already elevated into a backflow issue.

The hazards of backflow not only affect the building but also the surrounding area. That is why backflow prevention devices are essential for commercial properties. Some dangers to consider when experiencing issues are:

  • Contamination to the public drinking water supply
  • Human waste flooding lower levels
  • Unsafe building structure

The best decision is to send your building maintenance team to tend to the potential plumbing issues and evaluate the complexity of the problem. And while a leaky faucet may seem fixable at a moment’s notice, having your team evaluate surrounding areas and damages will push you closer to finding a solution rather than repairing issues with a bandage.

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