Common Safety Hazards at the Golf Course

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Taking the family out for a day at the links is a great way to get in some physical activity while also having fun. The time spent during those 18 holes is the perfect time to connect and bond.

However, there are common safety hazards at the golf course that every parent should be aware of, as some of these can cause serious injuries. Here are the three dangers to look out for when golfing.

Form Injuries

Contrary to popular belief, golf takes serious athletic abilities and involves explosive body movements. Even the young ones push their body’s capabilities with each swing, as this is especially true at driving ranges. It’s crucial to understand the proper techniques before jumping into a game.

Take time to practice with the kids and help them develop more controlled swings. Go through various stretches and warm-ups before a day on the links to avoid sprains and other injuries. Plus, a solid warm-up helps improve your game.

Flying Objects

Some obstacles are out of your control, the biggest being other golfers. Even the most respectful guests have an errant shot here and there, which can easily injure someone.

Being aware of your surroundings is the best way to avoid this accident, so ensure your children understand this responsibility. When anyone is teeing off, make sure the rest of your family is a safe distance away from the action. Again, proper technique helps cut down on these instances.

Golf Cart Accidents

Driving a golf cart around the course is a fun experience, but not without its dangers. Like any automobile, accidents do occur and can cause serious injury. There are many ways to reduce the chances of a disaster, including practicing the same driving habits on the course as you do in your car.

Take the drive slowly, avoid slippery surfaces, and make sure everyone has their limbs in the vehicle at all times. For those with their own carts, consider implementing modifications that make rear seats safer for other passengers.

By understanding the common safety hazards at the golf course, you can better ensure a lovely day with the family. Continually educate your children on these dangers and make sure they’re responsible enough to follow the rules.

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