Creative Socially Distant Birthday Party Ideas

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In these difficult times, seeing other people has never been more difficult or more important. Celebrating certain life events like birthdays has become a new hassle. How do you celebrate something when everyone needs to be far away from each other? Here are a few creative socially distant birthday party ideas so you can still celebrate the important moments.

Birthday Parades

The idea for a birthday parade is simple; it’s the execution that takes a little more work. Getting all of the birthday person’s friends and family to drive by in their cars, wave, and throw candy is a fantastic way to make them feel special. Encourage guests to hang signs from car windows, and be sure to designate a place to leave gifts. It might just be their favorite birthday celebration when all is said and done.

The Hug Glove

A new DIY project that is starting to sweep the nation is called the hug glove. All you need is a big transparent tarp, some heavy-duty tape, and something to hang the tarp from, and you have got yourself a perfect barrier to give each other some physical affection. Leave one out in the yard and let loved ones come by and give the birthday person a squeeze for that real personal feeling that we all need.

Outdoor Movies

Outdoor movies are perfect for the film-loving birthday guest of honor. Whether you and your best friends go to an already established drive-in movie theater, or you make one yourself with a projector and the side of a house, this is great way to all enjoy one activity together without having to get too close to one another. Lawn chairs or car trunks make great seating for this socially distant activity.

Virtual Game Night

If you and the birthday celebrant enjoy gaming, there are plenty of options for virtual spaces where you can play over long distances. Virtual tabletop roleplaying games, trivia games, and online drawing games are all available over the internet and allow for some good old-fashioned laughs with friends. This can take your minds off the fact that you are seeing each other in tiny little boxes as you sing “Happy Birthday” off-key.

Camping Trip

For outdoorsy types, camping can easily be made a socially distant birthday activity with the right preparation. Getting out into nature also has the added benefit of removing you from the house you’ve been stuck in for the entire quarantine. Grab some snacks and a comfy bedroll, set up the tents, and enjoy the beauty of nature while staying safe in the process.

We hope these socially distant birthday party ideas have given you the spark needed to plan for your loved one’s big day, despite everything going on around you. We don’t need to give up every aspect of normal life just because we are social distancing, and celebrating the important days definitely should be one thing we don’t give up.

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