Creative Ways To Give Back To Your Community

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Many people wrongly equate giving back with monetary donations that deter some people from charitable acts. Giving back does not always have to mean writing a check. There are plenty of small, creative ways to give back to your community through simple philanthropy projects. 

Create a Curbside Library 

Curbside libraries have become a popular trend in the U.S., especially in a time of social distancing. You’ll have to check with your community board first, but once you get the stamp of approval, use a small mailbox-like structure, or even just a plastic bin turned on its side (to create overhead protection for the books in inclement weather), to fill with books. 

Start by donating your old books, and encourage others in the neighborhood to drop their books off as well to create a continuous cycle of new reads that can make their way around the neighborhood.

A curbside library is a great way to distribute books to households that may not have the resources to provide books to their members, especially young children.

Run a Food Drive 

Food banks are always accepting items to help community members in need. Creating a food drive in your neighborhood is a great way to encourage community members to give back. Encourage neighbors to donate a few non-perishable items to your food drive. Once you’ve collected everything, donate on behalf of your neighborhood to the nearest food bank.

Make Meals for First Responders 

First responders work demanding hours to keep our communities safe. This schedule often means they miss out on family time and homecooked meals. To say thank-you for all their sacrifices, make a home-cooked meal for your local fire station or hospital.

Support Your Neighbors 

You never know what your neighbors might be going through. Try to incorporate a few random acts of kindness every now and then to support your neighbors. Shovel your neighbor’s driveway for them, offer to help them with their groceries, or share the leftovers from your family dinner.

Little acts of kindness can go a long way to make your community a caring and kind place to live.

Giving back doesn’t always have to be a big grand gesture. Finding little, creative ways to give back to your community can make a big difference. 

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