Crockett Chapel Cemetery receives donations

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Crockett Chapel Cemetery has received donations from the following family members who have loved ones buried in the cemetery: Tim and Joy Burrus, Larry and Katy Wright, Anna Barker, Bob Jowers, Artie and Patricia Lynch, George Haynes, Ann Orr, Ben and Carolyn Harrison, Laura and Daryl Carnell, Norma Hubbs, Faith Perana, Judy Calhoun, Robert William Jowers, Martha Parker, Judy Capps, Harry L. Roberson, John and Wendy Self, Cathy Wesner, Karen Johnson, Charles Dill, J.T. and Patricia Burrus, Birgina Rogers, Rose Burkett.

They have also received the following memorials: in memory of Laura Neville Blair, Carol Feisal, Norma Hubbs, James C. Warner, Darlene Whitehorn, Jewel Eady, Paul J. Straube, Mary Sproul, Nancy Jones, Lovie Johnson, Teresa and Jerald Kickler, Kenneth Johnson, and Richard and Martha Johnson. Sue Hurst, Jerry and Penny Simmons also sent memorials in memory of Cindee Lee Bates.

Caretakers are grateful for the continued support for the upkeep of the cemetery. Donations can be sent to Dorothy Rogers at 1130 Sunkist Beach Rd, Tiptonville, TN 38079.

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