Different Kinds of Mushroom Storage Methods

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Growing mushrooms can be difficult. Mushrooms require precise conditions to grow properly, including appropriate temperature, humidity, and light sources. If one of these conditions is off, you’ll find yourself with mushrooms that are either stunted or, worse, mushrooms overrun by mold. You may not even have any mushrooms at all.

One key solution to ensure your mushrooms grow properly is to store them properly. Storage is important, no matter the mushroom variety. You’ll want to get it right since storing mushrooms is one of the last steps in the mushroom-growing process. Read on to discover the two most popular kinds of mushroom storage methods.

Vacuum Seal Bags

This is another great way to store your mushrooms. A vacuum-sealing machine will cost you as little as $50 and as much as $150, depending on the vacuum-sealing capabilities you’re looking for. You’ll be surprised by how much better your mushrooms will taste after sucking the air out of their storage bag. Operating the machine is a cinch and putting your vacuum-sealed mushrooms in the freezer is a perfect way to store them long-term.

Mason Jars

Mushroom substrate jars need to be stored properly to yield the best results. Airtight mason jars are perfect for storing dried mushrooms. If you want to go this route, add a packet of silica, and you won’t have to deal with moisture-causing mildew. You don’t want the wrong fungus to overtake your own! Silica’s absorption rate can be upward of 40 percent, so it’ll catch any outside moisture that may seep in every time you open your substrate jar. Make sure you store them in a dark, cool place for the best results.

Conditions for Storage

We touched on different storage methods throughout this article, but what are some general conditions to keep in mind when trying to store them? While freezing your mushrooms in vacuumed sealed bags gives them the most longevity, any cold and dark place is perfect for storage. Even though you might have been giving them the daily 12 hours of light they need during the growing process, in the storage stage, your mushrooms will fare better in the cold and dark. Overall, these different kinds of mushroom storage methods should take you far. You’ll have the perfect harvest in no time!

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