Different Shade Types To Add to the Park

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Different Shade Types To Add to the Park

There are many things to add to the park to create a new experience every day. From adding benches to installing new equipment, there are many improvements that you can potentially make. And there’s never a wrong time to set up something new. One thing to consider is placing a canopy for better sun protection. There are several benefits of adding a playground canopy or other shading structure. Discover more by learning about the different shade types to add to the park.

Dome Shelter

Dome shelters are large enough to cover an entire play area. They offer some of the best protection against UV rays. A typical dome awning stretches close to 50 feet, allowing for tons of coverage.

The domes come in multiple colors and can meet local park guidelines and regulations that ASTM and CPSC administer. The vault shelter adds aesthetic appeal, and workers can add multiple around a park for additional coverage.

Sail Awning

A sail awning is a fun choice and pairs well with nature-themed parks. It won’t block the sun as much as the dome, but it’s sometimes preferable because of its architectural style. Whether your park’s part of the community or on a private lot, the sail awning adds a fun personality and style.

This style canopy overlaps, creating designs that look as if they’re sweeping into the sky. The best placement for them is in an area with plenty of tree coverage. A sail awning is a great choice to add if you’re creating an adventure park or a nature-themed playground.

Modular Canopy

The modular canopies are smaller and most suitable for new playground equipment. The modular design looks similar to a patio table’s umbrella, protecting against high winds and sunlight. It’s great to add to the tops of playground pieces.

The great thing about the modular design is that the equipment doesn’t need to be new before installation—the canopy doesn’t require lots of tools to install. Additionally, it comes in various shapes and colors to add character to the playground.

Hip and Ridge Covering

The hip and ridge covering is a popular choice for many reasons, especially since its height helps block more weather out and doesn’t get damaged. These shade types work well for events or playground equipment, and they comes in handy when large groups need to get out of the rain.

The hip and ridge shade is attractive and adds fantastic value to any park, especially if there’s a particular style of park designers are aiming for. Keep your park updated with functional coverings that add personality and plenty of coverage from the elements.

Designing your future park has never been more fun. Get together with a team of park administrators to pick awnings that help bring out the best in your recreational area. Getting different shade types to add to the park leads to something new for the entire community to enjoy.

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