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Different Types of Tires for Your Electric Bike

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Next to pedals, your tires are the most critical parts of your bicycle. Every action you take on your bike goes through your wheels, so it’s essential that you understand the different types of tires for your electric bike.

Road Tires

You’re probably most familiar with road tires. This option typically features between 23 and 25 mm of width, so they look very skinny. These tires minimize the surface area that contacts the ground. While this is a recipe for high speeds, it’s also a recipe for low traction.

If you want a light, quick feeling, this is the choice for you! However, if you’re planning to take your bike out in the rain or off road, these tires may set you up for a spill or two.

Cyclocross Tires

With an average width of 30-33 mm, cyclocross tires are something of a compromise between road and mountain tires. These tires are nearly flat and come with small studs to give you a better grip in muddy environments. If you’re thinking about riding your bike on the roads and occasionally off road, cyclocross tires could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Mountain Tires

Mountain tires are fat and rigid, ensuring you keep traction no matter the terrain. This option is perfect for any rider planning to spend most of their time on the trail, forging through mud, dirt, and grass. You may feel like your bike is bulkier, but it’ll handle anything you throw at it.

Winter Tires

Believe it or not, you can ride your electric bike in the winter! You’ll need to perform maintenance a little more frequently, but other than that, all you need is a solid pair of winter tires. Your two main options are studded tires and fat tires—the studded variety will help you plow through hard-packed snow, while fat tires are ideal for soft snow.

Now that you know these different types of tires for your electric bike, ensure you’ve always got the treads for the terrain you’re riding on!

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