DPA announces innovation in agriculture exhibit

innovation in agriculture exhibit

Discovery Park of America (DPA) in Union City made a big announcement Friday, August 2 about the museum’s next big exhibit.

Congressman David Kustoff was joined by 100 farmers and agricultural professionals as details of the exhibit were shared.

The exhibit, titled AgriCulture: Innovating for Our Survival, will open October 22, 2020. It will feature sections on past farming innovations, careers in agriculture, modern tools used by farmers today, and more. The exhibit will also attempt to tackle how enough food, fiber, and fuel will be provided to meet the needs of a quickly expanding population. More controversial issues like animal welfare and GMOs will also be tackled at the exhibit.

DPA shared some of what Congressman Kustoff said at the announcement event in a press release.

“Family farms have shaped our communities here in West Tennessee, built our local economies and put food on our tables,” he said. “Yet many people do not recognize that through new farming technologies and innovation, our world was changed for the better. I have no doubt that Discovery Park’s new exhibit will transform people’s knowledge and understanding of the importance of agriculture. Farmers are some of the most hardworking people I know and through this new exhibit, they will get the recognition they deserve.”

The new exhibit will be located in the 8,900-square foot building that presently houses the museum and heritage park’s tractor barn.

The exhibit’s goal is to educate visitors about the realities of farming, and prevent the spread of falsehoods and misinformation about the agricultural industry.


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