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Dyer County Humane Society accepting donations

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The Dyer County Humane Society is accepting donations for these fur babies.
As the cold air moves into our neck of the woods, there are pets without the comfort of a warm place to sleep. Achy stomachs that never seen to feel full.
Little hearts waiting to feel wanted.
Fur babies need love just as they need food.
Help support our Animal Shelter.
Lake County Banner supports our homeless pets with newspapers each month for their needs.
We are asking that you show your support by donating blankets, towels, wet & dry food for dogs and cats, cleaning supply, paper towels, etc.
These items are always needed!
We will have a donation area set up inside the Lake County Banner.
Please take the time to locate these items in need. Those towels you have been wanting to replace..…we will take them.
Hey, we all seem to collect throw blankets, pass on a few of the older ones to help keep these babies warm.
Just look around your home and do a little Christmas cleaning.
If you need someone to pickup your donation, give us a call (901) 302-5835 or (731) 253-6666 and we will help.
We will be accepting donations December 1, 2022 thru December 15, 2022.

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