Easy Ways To Banish Clutter From Your Home

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Decluttering the house can seem like a monumental task, but if you take a couple of days to tackle it, it gets much easier. These easy ways to banish clutter from your home will do wonders for your living space. After all, a tidy house decreases your stress. Get rid of the clutter in your home, and you’ll find your mind gets decluttered, too!

Make Three Piles

You’ve probably heard of this method before. Dedicate a wide section of floor space to this project and haul out all the miscellaneous clutter, from clothes to furniture. The first pile is for items you’ll definitely keep. As you sort, you may find things you thought you’d lost forever! The second pile is for things you’re indecisive about. It’s your “maybe, maybe not” pile to go through later with other members of the household. And the third pile is for items to donate or throw away. If the item is in decent shape but you just don’t want it, donate it. If it’s broken, stained, or nonfunctional, chuck it in the trash.

Be Ruthless

Take a closer look at the items in that third pile. Maybe you kept a few of those broken or unusable items because you thought you’d get around to fixing them. If it’s been a few months (or years) and you haven’t repaired the item, toss it. As you sort, you may find that your garbage pile has become a mountain. That mountain doesn’t have to remain a looming shadow; hire a junk hauling service or rent a dumpster to get rid of broken furniture.

Make Organization Fun

Brown cardboard boxes are drab and boring. Take better care of the items you want to keep by designating a special place for them. Invest in storage solutions like chests and drawers that are visually appealing and make you smile. Neatly fold your cherished collection of blankets and store them in a pretty wooden chest. Stash your holiday decorations in brightly colored boxes so you’ll find them more easily. If your kids often leave their toys strewn about the floor, ask them to paint their own toy boxes and teach them the importance of a tidy space.

Next time you’ve got a weekend free, haul out all your miscellaneous clutter and get everything you don’t need out of the house. When you walk through your tidy space, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief. These three tips are easy ways to banish clutter from your home. Engage the whole family in this rewarding project!

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