Eco-Friendly Practices for the Workplace

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Eco-Friendly Practices for the Workplace

Taking care of the planet is everyone’s responsibility, but some of the biggest contributors to pollution are businesses — from factories billowing smoke to daily operations producing far more waste than the average household. To help your business stay green, here are some eco-friendly practices for the workplace.

Implement Recycling Programs

Implementing a recycling program requires a bit more effort than simply providing the appropriate bins around the office. Instead, take the time to educate employees on how to properly recycle different materials. For instance, recycling batteries requires greater expertise than recycling paper. Understanding how to properly dispose of different materials goes a long way in ensuring that those materials can be reused and kept out of landfills.

Go Paperless

Another great eco-friendly practice for the workplace is to eliminate waste by encouraging your workplace to forgo paper. In its place, make the effort to digitize data and information. Doing so preserves our forests by decreasing the need for paper and ink. And in fact, you’ll likely save a lot more money if you don’t need to purchase such materials.

Add Office Plants

Placing plants around your office doesn’t just add to the aesthetic appeal; it also improves the air quality in your office space by removing carbon dioxide and other pollutants. We’re naturally disposed to enjoy natural elements, and you’ll find the workplace a lot more relaxing and stress-free with a bit of greenery around.

Encourage Sustainable Transportation

Finally, encourage your employees to get to work in ways other than taking their vehicles or by carpooling with other coworkers. Biking, walking, taking public transit and carpooling are excellent ways to cut down on the emissions from burning fossil fuels. In fact, as working from home has proven to be just as productive as having employees in the office, you could simply eliminate transportation all together and offer the opportunity for employees to work remotely as they please.

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