Essential Home Maintenance Tasks You Didn’t Know About

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Homeownership is a heavy responsibility full of tough-to-remember chores. While obvious items like cleaning the gutters and mowing the lawn are important, there’s likely a slew of essential home maintenance tasks you didn’t know about. Namely, keeping close tabs on the home’s HVAC elements, checking up on plumbing, closely watching the stove’s health, and never putting off safety protocols.

Examine Plumbing Regularly

We often think of plumbing as a closed, self-sufficient system. If water comes out of the tap, it’s all good, right? In truth, a lot can go wrong with plumbing in any of the various water systems of a home. While it’s not the most comfortable job, it’s well worth getting into a monthly habit of inspecting water lines for leaks and damage. Furthermore, it will save you time and money to make a habit of grabbing a sewer inspection camera to look at the waste removal lines of your home before they break or clog.

Keep On Top Of Furnace Upkeep

When it comes to essential home maintenance tasks you didn’t know about, furnace upkeep is at the top of the list. Often, it’s less about not knowing and more of a case of simply forgetting or putting it off. However, the furnace is such an important part of daily life that it’s a must.

If you fail to check your home’s HVAC vents and systems, you could very likely have a serious problem when the weather turns nasty. Furnaces have a habit of revealing problems when you least expect it, so clear vents and change filters often.

Stay Ahead of Oven Maintenance

Anyone that’s had to wait a week for replacement parts or repairs can tell you that living without a working stove isn’t much fun. The oven is often another one of those “it works, or it doesn’t” maintenance tasks for many people.

Getting into the habit of checking lines for clogs, cleaning out spills, and sanitizing it regularly will make your oven look nice. It’ll also ensure your most essential appliance lasts a long time without any hiccups.

Be Methodical About Safety Tools

From a young age, we’re drilled about fire safety and the dangers of smoke and carbon dioxide. Yet not everyone is as hypervigilant about fire safety systems as they easily could be. Take a good look at your alarms and where they’re located. Replace outdated smoke detectors and make sure they have batteries to spare.

Where they’re placed is also key, so be sure your home has more than alarm in several places. Finally, be sure to stock a working fire extinguisher and recharge or replace any that are more than six years old.

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