Fair hamburgers

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How many times have we heard someone say they were looking forward to one of those “Fair hamburgers”?

I grilled literally thousands of hamburgers when our eldest son was in the band at Huntingdon. One year I took off an entire week of work and spent it in its entirety grilling burgers at the Carroll County Fair. The burgers were a customer favorite and we raised some money to help fund a state championship band.

Two of us grilled as fast as we could, filling the cooktop with patties put together by hand during the last period at school and minutes later scooping them up to fulfill orders from waiting customers.

Smoke from the grill filled the fairgrounds with a tempting aroma that kept luring more customers.

Still today we make it for at least one meal from one of the food booths at the fair. It is tradition. And the food is good, too. We never know what else we will find on the menu. It is all home made.

Local fairs are a long-awaited tradition. A venture through the midway will turn up some interesting food. There are the funnel cakes, cotton candy, caramel apples, fiddlesticks and a lot more. Food stands are conveniently located near tempting games with chances to win some pretty good teddy bears or a goldfish.

There will be lots of beauty pageants, youth livestock sales, midway rides, exhibits and a lot more.

Fair week normally makes for a long one at some of the newspapers with all the events to cover. And it is fun.

See ya at the fair!

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