Falcons sink Vikings’ ship

falcons sink viking ship

On Friday the 13th, the Humboldt Vikings came to Tiptonville. Amidst the heat of the evening, a full moon rose over the Lake County High School. The Falcons seemed ready for the action to begin.

Humboldt took the first kickoff. After a couple of penalties and some lost yardage, the Vikings punted the ball.

Lake County took over on the 48-yard line. Again, penalties on both Humboldt and Lake County were abundant. Then Tanner Snyder, Cayden Puckett, and finally Justin Morgan combined for the yardage to take over Humboldt and score the first touchdown. After the Morgan touchdown, Snyder punched the ball in for the two-point conversion.

Against a tough defensive effort, Humboldt turned the ball over to Tanner Snyder. Snyder recovered and carried the ball to the 15-yard line. One play later, Snyder would score the 15-yard touchdown. He also added the two-point conversion with 4:25 remaining in the first quarter.

With the Falcons up 16 – 0, Humboldt took the ball on the kick off. After a series with five penalties and two tackles for loss, Humboldt punted which led to another penalty on a fair catch tackle.

A minute and thirty-seven seconds remaining, the Falcons marched through the Humboldt defense again. With carries by Tubbs and Morgan, plus or minus some penalties, the offense reached the four-yard line. What looked like a touchdown by Ricky Forrest was called back on a holding penalty. This would end the first quarter.

Starting the second quarter, Larry Tubbs would carry the ball from the 14-yard line to the 10-yard line. Ricky Forrest took the ball on the next two snaps from quarterback Tanner Snyder. In two short bursts of three yards a piece, Forrest rumbling bumbling stumbling into the end zone added Lake County’s third touchdown. Lake County was up 24 – 0 with 10:24 in the second quarter.

Humboldt fumbled the ball on their next possession. John Wilson recovered the ball.

Tanner Snyder did not waste any time getting the ball to Damarion Abbott for a 42-yard passing touchdown. Morgan added the two-point conversion. Lake County led 32 – 0 with 8:19 remaining in the second quarter.

Humboldt again took the ball and once again there were three penalties and several tackles for loss. James Wilson led the charge as the defense seemed to not want to give up any yardage to the Vikings. Rylan Williams intercepted a pass on the 43 and was tacked on the 47-yard line.

Lake County did not capitalize on this opportunity and turned the ball over on downs. The game would go into halftime with the score 32 – 0.

After the half, Lake County’s Malachi Taylor took the kickoff at the 15-yard line and advanced it 63 yards to the 22-yard line. A few plays later, Larry Tubbs took the ball into the endzone on an 8-yard scamper with Tanner Snyder adding the two-point conversion.

Although Humboldt put up two touchdowns late in the fourth quarter, Lake County was prepared for the Vikings. The clock ran most of the second half. Humboldt had nine penalties for 85 yards.

Lake County had a total of 36 plays for 200 yards. Snyder had 58 passing yards and a combination of players had 142 rushing yards.

James Wilson had four tackles and three assists and two tackles for loss. Cayden Puckett had two tackles and two tackles for loss. Keyshon Gross had two tackles and three assists and two tackles for loss. Tanner Snyder had one tackle, three assists, one tackle for loss, and one fumble recovery. Rylan Williams had three tackles and two assists and a tackle for loss.

Lake County is off this next week. They will play Westview at home on September 27 at Bill Wray Memorial Stadium. There is a prediction of a very large crowd.

For additional photos from the game and homecoming court, see page 8.


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