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Falcons strive to push the boundaries

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The Lake County High School Falcon basketball team is working to push the ball and score points. In a season of ups and downs, the team has not stopped working to move the ball around and get it to the open player. They are not afraid of the paint or the three-point line.

The boys’ team for the Lake County High School Falcons is just under .500 on the season. They are currently at 8 – 9 with seven games remaining to finish out the season before the district tournament.

At 8 – 9, the Falcons are searching for their spot in the district. After having a chance last week to beat Union City and claim that top spot, the title of number one fell short. Nonetheless, the guys seem upbeat and working toward getting better with each game.

Through the season, the Falcons have relied on ball movement. They seem to get the ball to the open man pretty uniquely. One of the key players on the team is Jaramiah Polk. Polk, a senior, has been a star player since he got on the team as a freshman.

Charles Hockett, a junior, said of Polk, “Well I consider him the best in our district. Hands down. For one, it motivates me to be a better player. For two, it feels good knowing I can find him on the court wherever and he will make something happen. Three, it gives me confidence every time we step on the court. Lastly, he’s just a great person. If you hung around him every day, you would know what exactly what I’m talking about. He makes the game fun and it is never a dull moment with him.”

After winning the Jamboree to start the season, they beat Halls in the Hall of Fame Classic. Polk had 29 in that game. They would lose their second game against Ripley in the HFC with Polk again scoring 29 points. They did not do so well against the Dyer County Choctaws. They lost that contest 86 – 53.  One of the players who stepped out during this time was Charles Hockett. He scored 15 points in the Dyer County game.

With the Falcon football team playing in the Blue Cross Bowl in Cookeville, the initial Halls game on December 6 was moved. The team would fall to the Tornadoes at Union City and then lose a close one at Obion County to the Rebels 47 – 44. The team would fall to 1 – 4 on the season. During the Union City game, a player, Braden Johnson, stepped up and scored twelve points.

After this, the guys would go on a 6 – 2 run from the Christmas Tournament through January 7. They beat Gleason 80 – 57 and Greenfield 57 – 42 before taking a couple of weeks off from play for Christmas.

After Christmas, they played in the Christmas Tournament in Martin. On December 26, the lost again to Dyer County, beat Greenfield, and then lost to Trenton.

They then reeled off three big wins in a row. The beat Fulton County KY 75 – 66 and Dresden 72 – 51. The Falcons finished this run by beating the Obion County Rebels in a squeaker 65 – 64.

In the last four games, the Falcons have gone 2 – 2. They beat Bradford 45 – 43 and South Fulton 57 – 45. After that, they would lose to Union City 62 – 45 in a game that they held very close through the first 3 quarters. They lose to Gleason this past Friday night 48 – 46 in a game where they were missing Senior Jaramiah Polk.

Other players scoring points for the Falcons are Jywan Jones, Keaton Samons, Jeremiah White, and James Wilson.

The guys are going to be working hard moving forward to claim their spot in the district. Hockett added, “I feel pretty good. You know, with the loss over Gleason [it] took the number two spot from us but I feel like that made us more humble. We learned that at any point of time, we can get beat and never expect it. I think we just need to stay grounded and keep working.”

The Falcons, both guys and ladies, played Greenfield on Tuesday night this week and then away at Dresden on Friday night.

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