Fall Gutter Maintenance Tips and Priorities

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The fall season offers beautiful changing leaves and crisp, cool weather, but homeowners can also expect clogged gutters around this time of year. With the long winter quickly approaching, it’s crucial that you take the time to prepare your home for the harsh conditions ahead. To help preserve your home and protect it from the snow, make sure this process includes proper fall gutter maintenance.

Clear Any Debris

Colorful leaves are beautiful on the trees, but they aren’t so breathtaking when they’re lodged in your gutter’s drainage system. Along with reducing your gutter’s functionality, this debris can also promote mold and algae growth if left to fester. As a result, you gutter system becomes less effective and more susceptible to damage throughout the winter. Stay on top of cleaning your gutters so that they’re in the best possible condition when the first snowfall occurs.

Inspect for Damage

After each cleaning, be sure to inspect your gutters for damage. This will allow you to properly diagnose any problems and fix them before the gutter can break. For the most helpful results, use these inspections to check the gutter joints, downspouts, and connectors for stability, bending, and rust. Be thorough when conducting your inspection to ensure you find everything that needs repaired.

Check Gutter Security

Over time, your roofing connectors can begin to weaken, causing your gutters to sag and pull away from the home. This can prevent your gutters from properly channeling rainwater into the downspouts. To maintain the functionality of your gutter system, be sure to include security checks in your regular inspections.

Replace if Necessary

If your gutters are already damaged and not working as they should, it’s crucial that you find a replacement gutter system while you have the chance. There’s a variety of different gutter systems for you to choose from, each one offering its own style and functional benefits for specific types of homes. Be sure to research which system would provide the most benefits for your home, and take the time to consider your purchase.

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