Features That Make Showers and Bathtubs Safer

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Features That Make Showers and Bathtubs Safer

Nothing is more satisfying after a long, busy day than the comfort of a warm bath or shower —unless the space doesn’t suit your specific needs. People with limited mobility often run the risk of experiencing dangerous falls or accidents by using bathroom fixtures, resulting in more stress than true relaxation. Fortunately, there are features that make showers and bathtubs safer, ensuring you can enjoy the best experience possible.

Just Walk Right In

Before finding the right bath remodeling contractors, you’ll have to choose which fixtures would benefit you most. One option you have is a walk-in bathtub, which helps those with arthritis, diabetes, stress, and even poor circulation. These tubs feature lower entryways and allow users to sit down with ease so that they can skip the strains of maneuvering into and out of the tub.

Join the Jet Set

You can also opt for features that provide users with relief and therapeutic benefits. These additions include chromotherapy lights, which can alleviate stress and boost your mood, and massaging jets that provide healing hydrotherapy on areas of stress and soreness. Some tubs even have positive cardiovascular effects on their users, including lowering blood pressure.

Let It Rain

There’s no reason to feel left out if you have limited mobility and prefer showers over baths. You have the option of choosing low-barrier and no-barrier showers or wheelchair-accessible units. Plus, owners of these open showers can include seats, safety bars, and other features that enhance the safety of their showering experience.

No matter if a person is 9 or 90, they deserve to bathe without worries with the help of these features that make showers and bathtubs safer. Walk-in bathtubs and accessible showers allow everyone to enjoy a relaxing experience without suffering unnecessary stress or discomfort. If you want to improve the safety of your bath or shower, consider making these changes.

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