Five of the Most Dangerous Jobs in America

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A variety of jobs in America are indisputably dangerous, but someone ultimately has to do them. These laborers are incredibly skilled, and they approach each workday with bravery. Anyone going into a highly physical career must be highly trained and prepared to navigate the dangers they’ll inevitably face. If you’re curious as to what some of these careers are, we’ve made a list of some of the most dangerous jobs in America.

1. Roofing

Though it’s certainly a notable risk, falling isn’t the only thing roofers have to worry about; workers also have to navigate elements such as unstable structures, weather conditions, and tripping hazards. More often than not, roofers are called when there’s an issue with a structure, so the conditions of the roof probably aren’t ideal.

2. Welding

You wouldn’t be reaching if you were to assume that welding presents more than a few dangers. Welders are frequently at risk of burns, exposure to fumes, injury due to blunt force, and electrocution. The safety procedures required of welders are extensive, and for good reason. This centuries-old trade isn’t meant for the faint of heart.

3. Fishing

A peaceful day out on the lake with a fishing rod may be safe enough, but commercial fishing is far more treacherous. These workers travel far beyond the safety of land, venturing out to deep waters that can capsize boats or sweep them overboard should the weather take a turn for the worse. To this day, commercial fishing remains one of the most dangerous jobs on the market.

4. Farming

Heavy machinery such as tractors, harvesters, and electrical equipment can cause substantial injury to farmers. Farmers must also navigate the stress that working long hours often puts on their bodies.

5. Trash Collecting

We may not always consider the objects we delegate to our trashcans, such as shards of glass or items with sharp edges. However, the local trash collector may have to deal with these objects, which can easily cause injury. Trash collectors may also have to handle hazardous waste, and they endure long hours in a host of detrimental weather conditions.

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