Foundation set up to fund youth sports programs

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The Lake County Youth Sports Foundation was set up in September of 2022, to address a situation that hit a personal chord.
As parents and coaches of the peewee football and little league baseball programs, we realized that there really isn’t any funding for youth sports programs in our little county.
We identify that the kids are our future, and that we do not want them to not have opportunities to be involved in organized team sports! Cost is obviously a big factor here with baseball costing a parent $200-$300 to get started and about $200 for pee wee football.
Due to this, most kids will never get a chance to experience the joy of being part of a team, let alone reap the benefits from being in a healthy environment.
The foundation aims to eliminate all costs of the parent, so that kids who WANT to play, GET to play!
We have learned that it doesn’t cost anything to play sports in school, but is financially draining for kids to “try it out”. We aim to get new jerseys, pants, cleats, bats, helmets, pads and whatever is needed for all youth sports that is not funded through the schools and community centers.
We will be raising money through the community, through merchandise and community events such as cookouts and sports camps.
Look out for our community cookout that is happening in a few weeks We hope that the community
can come together and support the cause which is the future of our county! Let’s keep kids out of trouble by giving them healthy avenues to better themselves!
Sports has saved my life, let’s offer this opportunity to the next generation!
For more information join our Facebook group “Lake County Youth Sports Foundation,” or call 731-442-2548.

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