Green Thumb: Tricks for Being a Better Gardener

Green Thumb: Tricks for Being a Better Gardener

Being a gardener is not an easy task; there is always more you can do for better results and a better garden. However, you may need guidance to know the proper steps to take. As you begin your journey into improving your gardening skills, try these tricks for being a better gardener.

Practice Small

Just like anything else, firsthand experience is one of the best ways you can learn to garden. However, diving in headfirst by getting a full garden will only cause your plants to die. On the flip side, you shouldn’t get just a few plants, as you won’t learn very much then. Aim for a garden that requires only a few hours of maintenance a week, and you’ll be in a good spot.

Plant What You Want

Even if a plant’s very popular on the market, if you don’t like it, you’ll have low motivation to care for it. Plant a garden full of flowers and foods you’ll actually like for the best results. Figure out what matters the most to you and build your garden around that.

Hardiness Zones

Every area in the USA has a USDA Hardiness Zone rating. This rating is helpful, as it explains what plants can survive in which climates and what plants will and won’t last a local winter. Use this as a guide when choosing your plants so you don’t kill your trees and perennial plants.

Growing Seasons

Just as every area has a Hardiness Zone rating, so every plant has a growing season that should line up with the local climate. Before you plant anything, find out the growing seasons of your plants and the local area.

Soil Over Fertilizer

One of the many mistakes you should avoid as a gardener is focusing on your fertilizer over the health of your plants. Although fertilizer is very important, the health and state of your soil is even more vital for plant growth. Make sure that your soil has the proper texture and nutrients for the plants you’re growing.

These are just a few basic tricks for being a better gardener that’ll help you improve your skills. By focusing on these tricks, you can gain more experience and plan your garden better for a much higher chance of a successful garden.